Figment – Not just a kid’s game

I had some free time yesterday and saw a new game on the free Stadia Pro section, so I gave it a try. And boy was I surprised. The game is called Figment and takes place in the mind of a person, where you stroll trough different areas of the brain. The protagonist is a clumsy little something who would rather enjoy a cold drink than being controlled by you. Together with an overly optimistic bird, the duo has to chase down a sinister enemy, solving riddles on the way.

What makes that game so special is the mixture between a beautifully hand-drawn environment with a lot of love to detail, a very nice soundtrack, where both heroes and enemies have their fair share a lot of bad puns and stupid humour. Mechanically the game is rather simple, the puzzles are mostly straight-forward but clever and very well adapted to the style of the game. It’s short enough to be played in a weekend with 5-7 hours of main plot. Definitely a recommendation (especially when you’re a Stadia Pro User) and an easy-to-miss little gem.